Friday, September 17, 2010

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer a popular Halloween costume choice?

I saw a piece today on KGUN 9 TV that suggested that a popular costume this Halloween will be Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.

The Governor has gained national attention due to her stand on SB1070 and the horrible performance she had at the one debate she was forced to participate in a few weeks ago where she froze.  She was forced to participate because she had to in order to receive state campaign funds.

Halloween costumes are often done to parody something or someone.  It is fitting in Jan Brewer's case.

Unfortunately it appears she's going to win the campaign.  However, both of the leading candidates are pretty awful choices.  Democrat Terry Goddard is like a high school history teacher.  He's so geeky its tough to like him regardless of what he stands for.  Governor Brewer is a horrible public speaker and got the job she has now because former Governor Janet Napalitano left office to become Secretary of Homeland Security for President Obama.  Brewer was formerly Secretary of State.  If I had to break that title down it sounds like she used to take dictation, answer phones, and get coffee for the state.

If we're surrounded by numerous Governor Brewers this Halloween it'll be the scariest one ever!