Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Review: Taco Bell Carnitas Tacos

I am sad to tell you that the first food item I've truly been disappointed in from Taco Bell has come to Tucson area Taco Bell restaurants.

I ordered the Carnitas tacos (which they are also calling "street tacos") and had high hopes.

I ordered three.  They are $1.49 each.  If you order the combo you get three tacos plus a drink.

I ordered steak.  You can also get chicken and pork.

The tortillas are a little larger than the average "street tacos" you get from a taco truck.  When I opened the aluminum foil wrap there was a lime and the taco inside.  I saw the larger tortilla and thought I'd get more inside than the standard street taco.

I was extremely disappointed.  One of the tacos had a total of six pieces of meat inside.  The pieces of meat were small so essentially it was a whole lot of tortillas and next to nothing inside except for six tiny pieces of meat, a little bit of cilantro, and some onion pieces.

Based on my experience of ordering the Taco Bell Carnitas tacos I can't recommend them.  You get much more for your money from a local taco truck.