Monday, August 23, 2010

Bellisimo at Casino Del Sol is closing

I think I'm getting sentimental as I get older.

I had a wonderful dinner tonight with Anthony, Jeff and John at Bellisimo at Casino Del Sol casino.  Bellisimo is the fine dining restaurant they have at the casino that opened when the back part of the casino opened in 2003 (I think it was 2003, it may have been 2002...)

The food and the service have always been wonderful.  We found out tonight that they're going to close Bellisimo in the next few weeks because its going to be the entrance to the hotel under construction from the casino.

I've always been a little bit sentimental when something I've enjoyed closes or changes.  I realize that's a part of life but it always makes me a little bit sad.  I sometimes feel like I didn't spend enough money at a business I've liked, purchased a product enough that I enjoy, or participate enough to keep something around that I appreciate.  I end up feeling like I can only blame myself for losing something I liked.

One new thing that is coming to Casino Del Sol:  An Del Sol.  Its being opened by one of Tucson's most well known businessmen:  Kwang An also known as Mr. An.  I've never shared this story with anyone but I was at an event in 2009 when I overheard a conversation between Casino Del Sol President Wendell Long and Mr. An.  The conversation was basically this:  "I need to set up a meeting with you because we want you to open a restaurant at the casino".  I thought at the time that I was hearing something I shouldn't.  Little did I know how right I was.  It was the opening conversation about what will be opening second week of October at the casino - An Del Sol.  Sometimes you learn things if you actually listen to what's going on around you.

Back to the purpose of this post:  Thanks to the staff at Bellisimo for making the dining experience there A+.  I'll miss you.