Monday, January 11, 2010

Kenparazzi Classic: Couch Chronicles January 2007

When Alex and I were roommates a few years ago I had a little fun taking pictures of him sleeping on the almost famous brown plaid leather couch. I named it "The Couch Chronicles".

Here's what happened multiple times: He'd fall asleep watching some TV show while I was in my room working on whatever on the internet. I'd come out, he'd be asleep, I'd change the channel to the stupidest thing I could find on TV, and leave it that way until he woke up later. I'm betting he had more dreams about home improvement thanks to HGTV, World War I thanks to the Military Channel, or Mike Seaver getting into trouble in high school thanks to Growing Pains than he'll ever admit.

There's also "Couch Chronicles The Movie". One minute of snore-a-licious couch sleeping also starring Alex: