Thursday, September 17, 2009

Random Thursday

Brandon called me tonight. His 1 year old son (Brandon Jr.) has contracted a MRSA infection. They put little Brandon under tonight to surgically remove the infected area on his leg. Then he has to remain in the hospital for ten days while they monitor to make sure they got all of the infection. Scary stuff.

Andres texted me tonight and told me he got a DUI last week. He has a heavy foot and got stopped for speeding and they smelled the margaritas he had on his breath. DUI's in Arizona are no joke. They now require everyone who gets a DUI regardless of blood alcohol level to have an interlock device in their car for a year. Two engineers who work here have them.

Clint sent me a picture of his foot last night. He got off work, went to a karaoke bar, then to a house party in Seattle. The house party guests included a guy who does tattoos. He got tattoos on his feet! One foot says "stripper", the other says "friends". Apparently "Stripper Friends" is a song by Tila Tequila. It's never good to get tattoos when you're drunk (I don't have any tattoos). You end up with stupid stuff like "Stripper Friends".

I rescued Darla's pizza slice shaped Tupperware from the station kitchen. She e-mailed me earlier tonight and asked me to look for it. I doubt I'll get a brownie point for it but I try to be a good guy. Maybe I'll get a pizza point instead.

As for me, it's another night of listening to the police scanner online at my desk while scheduling music for the radio station. Its what I do many nights. Just a little man with a giant job.