Monday, September 14, 2009

Brandon's visit

My best friend Brandon paid me a visit this weekend. He left earlier tonight.

He lives in Stockton, California and because he's married with children it's usually easier for me to travel there than him here. Last time he came to see me in Tucson was February 2002.

He flew in Saturday morning. I took him to the Pima Air and Space Museum (I hadn't been there before either). It was extremely interesting. He hates flying but loves aviation. Go figure.

Saturday night we went to Cosmic Bingo at Casino Del Sol and Anth also came with. Drag queen Lucinda Holliday hosts. She's awesome. We didn't win anything but stayed afterward and tried to win at slots and that wasn't successful either.

Sunday was a chill day. Silver Mine Subs delivered lunch, Brandon watched NFL football on his laptop, and then we grabbed some dinner and drinks at Maloney's and dropped Anth off so he could get some homework done.

I gave Brandon a tour of the radio/TV station and then we went for a few more drinks. He seemed to find the broadcast building pretty awesome.

The weekend ended with lunch today (yes, shocking, but I actually took a personal day off today) at El Charro and then dropped him at the airport.

It was lots of fun to have him here.

The sad moment of the weekend came when he called me when he landed in Sacramento to inform me that Southwest Airlines lost his checked bag. Hopefully his underwear didn't end up in Cleveland!