Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tour groups

We get regular tour groups through the radio/TV facility that I work at.

It's a lot of fun. I work on the air and in the studio most every day so it's work to me. Those who come through on the tours are wide eyed and excited about seeing what we do and how it all works to run radio and television stations.

The group that came through today was a large bunch of kids who looked like they were 10-13 years old. About half were armed with digital cameras and snapping pictures. They were fun.

I did notice that once they packed about 25 of them into the studio that it had that sweaty smell of kids. Not an unshowered nasty sweaty smell, just sweaty. I have always wondered what happens that as humans we go from just a little sweaty smelling as kids to smelling so nasty when we sweat as adults. Is puberty really that crazy to sweat glands?

I suppose this is what keeps Axe, Secret, Degree, and Right Guard in business!