Sunday, April 19, 2009

Photo enforcement camera in Tucson / Pima County

Technology is about to make driving from one place to another more difficult.

Photo enforcement cameras are multiplying. These are the ones that have been in the "warning' phase but will start issuing tickets this week:

North La Cholla Boulevard near West Sunset Road
South Mission Road near West Grubstake Drive
East Ina Road near North Camino de las Candelas
North Swan Road near East Calle Barril

The other six speed enforcement cameras that are installed will begin their warning periods on May 1 and begin issuing citations May 8.

Those are at:
East Valencia Road near South Wilmot Road.
West Ruthrauff Road near West Rillito Street
West Valencia Road near South Camino de la Tierra
South Alvernon Way near South Station Master Drive
East River Road near North Country Club Road
South Nogales Highway near East Hermans Road

The good news? You must be going 11 mph or faster going by any of these to get a ticket.