Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Drive Tucson studios - downtown Tucson

I've been doing the radio show on The Drive since early August 2019 and we've finally moved into our "permanent" studio facing the street in the building downtown.

It's pretty cool because the windows are reflective so I can see out but people walking by on the street can't see in. It's amazing how often it doesn't occur to people that there's possibly someone on the other side of the glass when they walk up to dig for boogers, adjust themselves, check their teeth, etc.

It's a nice view though. Arguably one of the better ones from radio studios I've worked at during my career. Quite often studios are buried in the middle of a building and can be kind of depressing.

As seen from behind the controls of the main radio studio at The Drive
in the new permanent studios in downtown Tucson.
This view faces Scott and to the left of the window is Broadway.

Looking up from the window across the street is the TEP building
(Tucson Electric Power)