Sunday, July 2, 2017

51st birthday

I turned 51 years old today. I'm grateful that I've lived another year without anything particularly terrible happening. Nothing particularly exciting happened either.... which is probably good because it lessens the chance of having a heart attack from too much excitement.

Anthony is always wonderful and once again this year he out did himself. He ordered a cake that looked like a burger and fries complete with a few ants crawling on it like it was at a picnic. It's made with about 75% frosting so I may end up with a raging case of diabetes by the time we're done eating it but I've lived 51 years so.... what the hell.

Birthday activities included sleeping in, finishing laundry, eating some of the epic birthday cake that Anthony provided, my weekly trip to the grocery store, and fine dining from Taco Bell including a chicken chalupa and a bean burrito.

Happy Birthday to me.

Anthony had this amazing cake made that looked like a burger and fries
with a few mutant ants joining the party.
The blue bag on the left contained a card and some honeybuns.

Burger and fries cake, closer view

That burger was as big as the old man's head

This ant had... high hopes


It was better not putting 51 candles on the cake
so the house wouldn't burn down

Blowing out the candles!
Notice the red cup of icing next to the fries
that is resembling ketchup for dipping the fries in.
They thought of everything.

Candles extinguished.
Tah dah!

My piece of cake

Fry with ketchup (ahem)

Birthday card

"Damn pants fell down again"
Happens a lot when you get as old as I am

These will go to good use immediately.