Saturday, May 20, 2017

Never too young to drink coffee at a car dealership

I went to Chapman Volkswagen to get a maintenance service done on Poo2 (the name I've given my Volkswagen Jetta GLI) and it was one of the major service routines, so I was at the dealership for several hours waiting for the work to be done.

Tune up, new platinum plugs, oil change, fluid change in the fancy transmission the car has, brake adjustment, tire rotation, air and cabin filter replacement, and plenty more stuff on the list that I won't bore you with.

While I waited, I sat in the waiting area for the service department and watched TV, read magazines, and scanned through Twitter on my iPhone. I was also entertained by several kids coming into the waiting area and making themselves coffee.

I guess in today's Starbucks culture it's not too early to start an addiction to five dollar cups o' joe.

Kids making coffee at a car dealership.
When I was their age all I wanted was a glass of milk and a cookie.