Monday, March 6, 2017

Loaded Curly Fries at Arby's

TV commercials excite me. I love commercials, infomercials, almost more than actual programs. I learn about products and things going on and I am always fascinated by how they're presented.

Arby's has been running national TV campaigns for various specialty menu items in recent months "We have the meats!" and one item caught my eye, the Loaded Curly Fries. They looked wonderful on TV and the description sounded amazing. Curly fries with bacon, cheese and ranch on top.

You should know that I love and prefer fast food to fancy sit down restaurants. Eating always upsets my stomach no matter what it is, so there is little joy in dining. Fast food is quick, cheap, and gives me the same stomach churning result that a $50 dinner does. So why waste money?

Back to the loaded curly fries, they were in a pretty small bowl and had four little pieces of bacon (my best guess is they took one strip and cut it into pieces, the cheese sauce they put on the Beef and Cheddar sandwich, a sprinkling of shredded cheese (why that was added in addition to the cheese sauce was a mystery to me), and ranch dressing.

My review: It wasn't very delicious. And I usually adore this sort of thing.

I'm sure they skimped on the bacon because that's the expensive ingredient. But what would make the loaded ranch fries rock stars would be to skip the cheese, amp up the bacon, and the squirt of ranch is fine. As they served it to me, once I stuck my fork in and started to kind of blend the items in the bowl it literally made it a curly fries, cheese and ranch soup.

The roast beef sandwich I had with it was wonderful as they always are at Arby's. A little Arby's Sauce on that and it's freakin' amazing.

This is where Anthony would have been sitting
if he had come with me to Arby's.

This is the little card that was on the table with a photo
of the loaded curly fries.
They look delicious in the picture.

Here's what I ordered:
Loaded Curly Fries, Classic Roast Beef, and a Diet Pepsi
because the Diet Pepsi cancels out whatever calories
are in the food items.

A close up of the Loaded Curly Fries at Arby's.
I had high hopes and they were crushed.