Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The day the laptop died

Its amazing how much I rely on my laptop computer.

I schedule music for Mega with it, station website, social networking, photos, video, and lots of other work.

I bought a new purple Blackberry on Saturday.  I had just completed a data upload to it from my laptop when the laptop just shut off.  It has been dead ever since.

After whining about this major catastrophe on Facebook and Twitter I did get some help from my Facebook friend Jeff who suggested I call HP after he was concerned the motherboard died.

Calling HP support turned into a 90 minute ordeal but they were as helpful as they could be.  They guided me through taking some panels off the bottom, reseating some chip thingys, plugging and unplugging things, nothing worked.  Still dead.

My brother Mike saw one of my Tweets and offered to help.  He's the man!

I sent it off to Texas today where he lives so he can work on it.  I hope he's fast!  I'm dying over here!