Monday, November 22, 2010

Another neighbor story

It hasn't mattered where I live.  There is always a story about a neighbor.

The apartment right next door to me has a woman, what I am guessing is her boyfriend (he isn't there all the time so its a guess), two teenage kids, and a little boy who's probably about four.

I've made jokes on Twitter and Facebook about how she seems kind of out of it.  I don't really know since I haven't spoken to her at all.  They all seem like nice people but there has been something out of the ordinary about that crew.

The teenage boys are home a lot even while school is going on which makes me think they don't go for some reason.  I try not to be the Gladys Kravitz type neighbor but I've wondered.

Tonight I am working on my laptop scheduling music logs in my living room.  I heard a knocking on the neighbor's door.  That's not totally uncommon at this hour for them (they have people knocking there it seems almost around the clock) but I got curious who was visiting so I looked through the peephole.

It turned out it was a security guard for the apartment complex.  He kept banging and finally the woman's boyfriend answered.  He explained that he was looking for the woman (best I could hear through the door... ok, maybe I am Gladys Kravitz... and if you've never seen the classic TV show "Bewitched" you won't get that reference).  She finally came to the door and the guard said that one of her teenage sons had been caught on the other side of the complex breaking into a car.

The only other part I could hear was something about him being on probation and then she got a jacket and they all walked away from the door toward the parking lot.

Moment later I heard a reference to the complex address on the police scanner.

My curiosity got the best of me.  I threw on a jacket and went to get the mail.  Perfectly legitimate excuse to walk over to the other side of the complex I figured.

Sure enough, police cruiser over there with one of the kids detained in the back.  That's too bad.  From what I can tell they seem like nice kids.

The best part?  Interesting neighbors make good stories.