Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Two men and a freezer are leaving and I have no internet

This post may sound like it was about two different subjects but its actually about one:  Neighbors.

The neighbors who have been the source of the most noise and chaos since I've lived in this apartment (over three years now) told me a few days ago they're moving.  Apparently they're going to North Carolina.

I don't know what they're doing with the freezer.  Its back in their living room so either there will be a freezer sale or they'll use it to keep meat cold for the trip across America.  I hope they have a really long extension cord.

They told me they'll be moving in about two weeks.

The internet issue doesn't have anything to do with them (I think).  I have been using an unprotected wi-fi signal from a neighbor for several months in an effort to save money.  I suppose its a tad bit unethical but I'm financially challenged at the moment so I took advantage of it.

The signal ceased to exist on Friday.  Every other signal near me is protected.  I have debated whether to knock on a few doors and offer to pay part of a neighbor's bill to have access to their signal.  Is that a good idea?  I'm not sure.

I still have my Blackberry so I'm not totally cut off from the internet but does mean that I will end up staying at work longer to do some of the work I was able to do at home.

This situation is creates another reason to find a second job.