Sunday, November 25, 2018

What is @whatsuptucson worth to you?

Hi. I'm Ken, the @whatsuptucson owner / chief Tweeter.

@whatsuptucson was started as a idea over a decade ago to talk about things going on around Tucson. The follower count has grown to over 88,000 wonderful people in the last ten years.

I estimate that I've spent a minimum of over 10,000 hours in the last 10+ years tweeting, retweeting, and managing the content. It originally featured mostly community events and traffic issues and has grown to include a variety of locally focused content that followers have asked for and contributed.

I handle every tweet and retweet manually (no automation). I check and manage tweets 365 days a year early mornings, middays, and late nights and every free moment I can find. I believe that it's part of the reason why it has had grown like it has and is used by citizens, law enforcement, and news organizations in southern Arizona to get a pulse on what's happening in Tucson every day.

I had an incident occur in October where I lost my full time job of nearly seven years. While people lose jobs all the time, it has caused me to evaluate a few things. The time and effort I spend on @whatsuptucson has been one of those things.

I've treated running this twitter like a job because it is one. It's been a job with zero pay and actually comes with expenses like internet and phone bills and I don't receive anything for the time invested.

My other half recently lost his job in addition to my own challenges and I am currently carrying all of the household expenses in addition to my own employment interruption. Part of what I'm having to figure out is whether I'm making enough money. (everyone has a sad story right?)

I've done the work on @whatsuptucson because I love the community and think the information provided is useful to many people.

Is @whatsuptucson important enough to the people who follow that I should continue investing the time and money into it? Or should I just blow it off and get a job that pays me for the time I now spend on @whatsuptucson and reduce it's level of service or even shut it down? There's my dilemma.

I'm asking you to decide. If you think it's not worth anything to you then do nothing. No hard feelings. I get it.

If you do feel it's worth something to you, then I've put my Paypal link below. Kick in a buck. Or five, or ten, or twenty, or a thousand, or a million. I'm asking for a donation of any size. Whatever you think it is worth to you.

Since it's not really right to make this open ended, my goal is $8,800 -- which equals a buck each from ten percent of followers. If it ends up a lot less than that is donated, I'll likely reduce the time invested into @whatsuptucson accordingly and use the time for some other venture that makes money. If no one donates, then I'll have a clear idea where I stand and I know that it has not really mattered to anybody all along. So there's that.

Thank you for reading this. If you want to know if anyone has donated and how much has been donated, I'll update this page with totals (if anyone donates).


Paypal link:

Venmo: @whatsuptucson

Apple Pay also available, ask me for my cell number.

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Number of people who have donated as of Nov. 27, 2018: 204
Total amount donated: $2,737.37